RTR 1/14 Scale 360L Excavator-

RTR 1/14 Scale 360L Excavator-

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Product description
Because  the problem of the paint process, the surface paint is basically a little flawed.
If you have high requirements for the product, we don't mind buying it.

Features of excavator:
1 Zinc alloy die-casting of the whole body of the car (not 3D printing)
2 The hydraulic system with boom priority function ensures the smooth movement of the three-axis linkage. The special structure reversing valve makes it highly sensitive and can move forward and backward quickly.
3 The walking and turntable motors are driven by brushless motors to provide powerful torque

Packed size: 950*420*350MM
The whole vehicle and packaging is 36 kg

Material: The body is mainly zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, 45 steel for walking parts, chrome steel for hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve,
Hydraulic cylinder: stainless steel and brass

Body size: length * width * height: 827*246*260mm (top of the cab)
Outer edge width of crawler: 248MM
Rising power 15KG, theoretical lifting power 60KG,
Digging radius 820 (mm)
Digging depth 516 (mm)
Digging height 833 (mm)
Unloading height 500 (mm)
Boom rotation angle (left/right) (stepless rotation)
Ground clearance of chassis 36 (mm)

Remote control: FS-I6S, using 4 AA batteries or 3S lithium batteries (please pay attention to the positive and negative connections).
Power supply voltage: 12V, using 3S lithium battery 5200MHA, battery size(length≤160MM+width≤51MM+height≤73MM)
Hydraulic pump: flow rate 1.2L/MIN, rated pressure 2.5MPA (the hydraulic system uses No. 32 hydraulic oil by default)

Reversing valve: 3-way middle oil return high-power reversing valve

Packing: use carton and foam.

There may be small marks on the stainless steel shaft of the cylinder, which cannot be completely avoided. As long as the piston has movement/rotation, it may produce marks, which will not affect the actual use of the cylinder.
The manufacturer does not think this is a product problem and will not deal with it after sale. If you mind this problem, we do not recommend you to buy it.

A set of accessories that can be purchased

What Include :
  • RTR 360L Excavator ×1
  • Remote ×1
  • Light Set ×1
  • Decal ×1
  • MINI Bucket ×1
  • Quick Hitch ×1
  • Mud Bucket ×1
  • Single Shank Ripper ×1
  • Sieve Bucket ×1
  • Protective Screens ×1
You need battery and oil to let it works ( Battery and oil not include )