RTR 1/14 Scale WA470 Wheel Loader-orange

RTR 1/14 Scale WA470 Wheel Loader-orange

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Product description

The transportation method is divided into the original honeycomb carton and the air box. Please choose the transportation method when placing the order. We send the honeycomb carton by default.
Since the freight rate of the origin has been increasing, choosing the air box transportation requires additional freight and overweight fees. The air box is provided by us free .

Orange is a special order color, we do not plan to stock it.

If you are sure you want to buy, please pay for reservation.

orange paint is more troublesome and  production cycle is about 25 days.

SIZE: 720*255*275mm
Minimum turning radius 300mm
Maximum turning angle 38 degrees
Maximum rising power: theoretical 35 kg
net Weight 20kg
Honeycomb carton Packing weight 31kg
RTR Version includes: sound group, light, manual quick connect, fork, doll and sticker.
You just need hydraulic oil & battery to get it working

Note: batteries are not included. The battery is recommended to buy 3S 4200mah, 25C above, XT60 plug, size within (length136*width 40*height 31MM)

 Equipped with a customized hydraulic system, brushless gear pump with digital steering gear and reversing valve, the action is smooth and fast.
Compared with the previous generation, the new machine has the following upgrades:
①The wheel side reduction axle has planetary gear and differential, no differential lock.
②Equipped with manual quick changeover joint, quick change between the bucket and fork, the gameplay is more abundant.

The packing case is extra provided by us . The packing case may be damaged during transportation. This can't be 100% avoided. We will not make compensation the case . We are only responsible for the the loader