Combined multi-way reversing valve including the servos

Combined multi-way reversing valve including the servos


  • Model: 260908
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Product description
The accuracy of the reversing hole is 0.006. Contains 3 servos.
The valve does not have a neutral oil return function. The advantages are fast response, accurate commutation, good linkage effect, good linearity, can control the speed of the cylinder, and can do micro movements.
Need to install overflow valve or mixing control

Processing method: CNC numerical control
Processing technology: heat treatment grinder
Surface treatment: Chrome plating
Installation method: screw fixed
Pressure resistance range: 0-6MP (the pump pressure in the test video is 10MPA)
Product medium: 46# hydraulic oil
Servo voltage: DC-6V

Product weight: 680g for CUT-BZ20-3T