Multi-stage Lift Cylinder For 1/14 Scale Truck (490mm Version)

Multi-stage Lift Cylinder For 1/14 Scale Truck (490mm Version)


  • Model: 250009
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Product description

  • Capacity : 80 (ML)
  • Rated pressure : 2 MPA
  • Maximum pressure : 5 MPA
  • Theoretical Thrust :Theoretical lifting force 110KG (first section)

  • First Caution: You need exhaust, the specific method is connected to the fuel tank and pumps, (M5 threaded holes are inlet end), pump and tank connection, pay attention to make sure the connection pipe joints do not leak location. Inside the tank filled with oil, must be greater than the volume of the multi-stage fuel tanks, using the remote control when the fuel tank up to the apex, the pump under load in about 3S work in reverse, if the fuel tank does not move or shake down have described a large number of air hand slowly pushed back, lift again, when an external force is applied to the lift cylinder load so that movement. After the top
  • Pump under load at work about 3S in reverse. This action has been back and forth, until the cylinder can ride down or just need to apply a small neutral can be down to. (Sample testing needs through our exclusive air about 20-25 times)